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Marketing ROI Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heartbeat of our business here at Alien Leads, but the lifeblood is generating revenue for our clients. We understand that every business is unique, but one thing remains the same, the importance of getting in front of customers who want your product. So whether we are doing SEO, Paid Per Click, Email Marketing, or even Direct Mail Marketing, getting an incredible ROI on your marketing dollars is our top priority. Search engine optimization is a core element of our strategy, and most of the time it is the best long term solution for businesses to generate leads and revenue. However, we have years of experience in marketing, and we can develop a custom strategy for your unique situation. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our primary expertise is Search Engine Optimization. We believe in focusing on search terms that signal high buyer intent for our clients, and then we build our entire strategy around that foundation. What’s the point of ranking and driving traffic that doesn’t generate new customers?

Local Lead Generation

If you are a local business owner, we have a variety of strategies for getting you new customers. Our most popular is the Done For You Leads where we handle all the work upfront and send leads to you directly. Or we can assist you with local SEO, Google My Business, or Paid Ads as well.

Pay Per Click Marketing

If your business model is better geared toward pay per click advertising, we have experts at Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, and Display Marketing. Get in front of your potential customers ASAP by leveraging our years of experience optimizing marketing ROI. 

Revenue Focused Marketing

Here is an example of a real life Search Engine Optimization campaign, which significantly increased the leads. This is a result of targeting keywords that have buying intent signals. By increasing traffic and at the same time increasing lead conversion rate, we were able to signficantly increase our clients’ ROI on their marketing budget. The beautiful thing about SEO is they are now setup for long term sucess as well.

Why Choose Alien Leads?

If your primary goal is to grow your business, and increase your revenue from your online marketing efforts, then you are in the right place. Our years of experience in the online marketing world showed us buying intent is the key. The first thing we like to do is dive into the specifics of your business needs, and find out more about your customers. When we know about your customers needs, we can then do our research to find the search terms that tend to drive the most traffic, and lead to the most conversions.

This is one of he main advantages of Google marketing, for both paid and organic search. We also like to be driven by analytics as much as possible. By having an adherence to diligent tracking, we can make decisions based on data. Our clients are happy because this leads to the best chance for optimizing their ROI for their marketing dollars, and they can have empirical evidence showcasing their results. At the end of the day, we like to develop long term win-win relationships with our customers, and that means you need to have a better bottom line. 


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