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Are You Missing Out on Your Customer Testimonials?

Having great customer reviews online can be a big factor in making a purchasing decision. Social proof 1 often has a strong influence on all of our lives, and this has not changed in the digital age. For local businesses, the first impression many customers see are your Google Reviews, which is displayed in the Maps search results. Having many positive Google reviews can really influence a potential customer to give your number a call.

We provide a review generation service for business, helping businesses get more genuine customer reviews.

What is Review Generation?

Review generation is simply the act of getting more reviews for yourself on popular review platforms, such as Google Maps, Yelp, and Trust Pilot. There are many different strategies, methods, and tactics one could use to accumulate these. One of the fundamental aspects of this is strict adherence to great customer service, and making sure to remind your customer that your business is on these platforms.


How Does Review Generation Work?

We believe in utilizing your real customer feedback to generate positive reviews. We never fake the reviews with bots, outsourced overseas writers, or any tactics that may violate Google’s terms and conditions. We start by capturing your customer’s contact information, then reaching out to them with information on how to leave their feedback.

Using your real customers gives authenticity to your reviews, as they will write unique real world experiences and further encourage new customers to give you a call. Additionally, customers that invested the time to write your review, will most likely remember your service when a future need arises.

If you already have a method for collecting customer email information, that’s great! We can leverage this list for the same purpose. If you have not been collecting your customer’s emails, that’s okay too. We can help you setup an online portal for inputting this information, and we will also assist you with different ideas to incentivize your customer to provide the information.

Obtaining contact information can be valuable as well, as creating opportunities for you to marketing your services, or different strategies to monetize. You can inquire about our business consulting services to learn more.

Can You Buy Google Reviews?

We would not recommend this strategy, nor is this part of our Online Review Generation strategy. Purchasing Google reviews is strictly against the Google Terms and Services. These artificial reviews are often written on the same accounts with either bots or outsourced writers. Having the same account writing many reviews is and easy way for Google to flag this type of activity and may result in your website getting penalized.

Because of the automated way in which the review is generated, this creates writing that is out of context, possibly incorrect, and may look suspicious to the potential customer. Not to mention this doesn’t give you the benefit of getting your real happy customers to return, or having real customer emails for further ways to monetize in the future.

How do I delete a review on Google?

If you left a review that you wanted removed, or if you were able to make amends with an upset customer, you may want to go back and edit or delete a Google review 2. Click the previous link to visit Google’s instructions or simply follow the following instructions.

First navigate to Google Maps, by clicking the link or navigate to https://www.google.com/maps/. On the top left of the map, click on the hamburger icon to toggle open the main menu.

Go down the open menu, and click on the link “Your Contributions”.

In this new menu, click on the reviews tab, then scroll down to the review you want to edit. Click on the 3 dots to edit or delete your review.

How Do I Handle All My Customer Emails?

As part of our service we will assist you with maintaining a database of your customer information. We can assist you with setting up a secure online portal, which will make it easy for you or your customers to input the information, right from your website. If you don’t currently have a website, please look at our website development process.

If you already have a customer list of thousands of emails, that’s great! Our system provides the ability to bulk upload your customers, and we can provide the review requests. This process will involve a staggering of time, as it is quite unusual for a business to have hundreds of reviews overnight.

Choose Your Review Platform

Depending on your situation, it may be better to choose one platform over another. If a lot of customers look at your Yelp reviews, it might be beneficial to choose Yelp. Or if you have really good organic search rankings on Google, than it would make the most sense for you to generate Google reviews. Or perhaps it makes sense to target all the platforms at the same time if you have a lot of customers. We can perform a competitive analysis, and can make suggestions for you. Simply give us a call to setup an appointment today.

What do I Email my Customers?

We can help you setup a custom email template, which will get sent to your customers directly from our system. If you have a unique domain name for you company or website, we can incorporate that so your customers can see it is you sending the email. Having a professional looking email will increase the chances of getting a response, and a positive rating. We have tons of experience with email marketing as well, and we can leverage that knowledge with generating more positive reviews for your business.


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